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What is an Estrutura? Estrutura is a Portuguese word used in engineering and architecture to define an arrangement of component parts. Estrutura can have two different meanings in Portuguese. A first meaning is the. Als er bei Ihren Wohnungen u. Mercedes-Benz Büdelsorten zur Verfügung stehen. Ihre Wohnungen sind in allen Bereichen international großzügig ausgestattet.Q: How do I use a List of a ViewModel as a List in a generic class? I want to use a generic class to perform an operation on items in a list of an underlying ViewModel. How can I pass in the underlying ViewModel's list to my generic class? This is what I have so far: public static List DoSomething(this IEnumerable source, IEnumerable properties) { List result = new List(); //... } public static List DoSomething(this IEnumerable source, List properties) // I want the List here I'd like to use this generic class on the ViewModel. IEnumerable ViewModels = ViewModelFactory.CreateAllViewModels(); List ViewModelsList = ViewModels.ToList(); //... List DoSomethingElse = DoSomething(ViewModelsList); Edit: I'm using C# 4.0 A: This is generic enough to work for any type that you put in the IEnumerable and that you expect to be enumerable. To use it, you need to pass in an enumerable of your types: List viewModelsList = viewModels



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