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Every Patient is a Superhero, we just provide the capes

Our Vision

At Turner's Heroes, we are strong believers that every patient is a Superhero; all we do is provide the capes. Through our connections with children's hospitals and athletes, we are able to make sure that pediatric patients feel like superheroes. We do this by hosting superhero themed events at children's hospitals, while connecting pediatric patients and their families with athletes both within and outside of the hospital environment. While we support pediatric patients, we work towards a cure for pediatric cancer through the funding of Discovery Grants and endowment funds. 


We provide patients at children’s hospitals a means of escape and enjoyment through superhero-themed events. These events include customizing their very own superhero capes surrounded by their family and community heroes. These events will help ease the feelings of isolation that many patients feel while showing the patients that they are superheroes!


We assist schools, universities, and communities in holding "Hero Days" and “Hero Weeks” in which they are able to support pediatric patients and fundraise for pediatric cancer research. We work to create unique and meaningful opportunities between pediatric patients and these entities that create genuine connections.


The fundraising side of our mission is focused on research grants and endowment funds. Our main focus is on funding innovative pediatric cancer Discovery Grants at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. We also run the Turner's Heroes Kids Cancer Endowment Fund at the American Family Children's Hospital.

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