Our Mission

Our first mission is to provide patients at children’s hospitals a means of escape and enjoyment through superhero-themed events. These events include the customization and creation of capes by patients as well as the distribution of other superhero-themed items. These special events will occur while surrounded by family and community heroes. The events will help patients to meet their favorite heroes as well as feel like the heroes they truly are!


Our second mission is to provide unique and special superhero-themed opportunities for patients and their communities. We will assist schools and communities in holding "Hero Days" and “Hero Weeks” in which their students can dress in their favorite superhero attire in honor of a patient or someone of need in their community. These superhero-themed days will allow for an outpouring of support for patients and families from their communities as we provide a platform for the writing and taping of notes of encouragement that will then be delivered to the patient.

Our third mission is to raise funds for pediatric cancer research. While we support those who have to face the reality of being afflicted with cancer as a child, we want to see a world where that is no longer needed. We do this through the funding of Discovery Grants and endowment funds. Research grants and endowment funds focused on pediatric cancer will be administered through children's hospitals. Multiple research teams will present to a panel that will decide which projects to fund. The panel will consist of a mix of donors, community leaders, and those associated with Turner's Heroes. Your donations will go towards specific Discovery Grants and endowment funds that will investigate innovative approaches to combatting pediatric cancer. 

Every Patient is a Superhero, we just provide the capes

Our Vision

At Turner's Heroes, we are strong believers that every patient is a Superhero; all we do is provide the capes! Through our connections with children's hospitals around the country, and with your support, we are able to make sure that patients are supported. This is done through superhero-themed events at children's hospitals and facilitating engagement between patients and their communities.  We support these patients while also working towards a cure for pediatric cancer through the funding of Discovery Grants and endowment funds. With your support, we hope that pediatric cancer will be no more.


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1718 Church St, #331883
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

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