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There are Always Ways to Get Involved!

The easiest and best way to get involved is to subscribe to email updates! Through those emails, information about volunteer opportunities and events will be sent out. We thank all of those who want to be involved!

Our work is not possible without your support! Donations will go towards funding superhero-themed events at children's hospitals where patients are able to create and design their own custom capes. You will also help us end pediatric cancer through the funding of Discovery Grants and endowment funds supporting important and innovative pediatric cancer research.

If you are a part of a school or community that would like to hold a "Superhero Day," please download our "Calling All Heroes!" checklist and contact us so that we can set up the event! 

If you wish to apply for the Board of Directors, email cody@turnerheroes. org with a resume and cover letter regarding why you wish to be on the Board. 

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