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Will Gordon to Honor Titus and his Siblings at the Valero Texas Open

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

This week at the Valero Texas Open, Will Gordon will be honoring a family of heroes. When Titus was 8 weeks old, he had a massive stroke on the right side of his brain and then another on the left side. He was diagnosed with a rare, progressive, and incurable cerebrovascular disease called Moyamoya. He has had multiple brain surgeries and receives most of his food through his gtube. Titus, now 5, is a happy young boy with a fun personality. He loves people, cars, and swinging high. Titus is helped and supported by his four older siblings: Ruth, Sadie, Shelby, and Nathan.

Ruth is 10 and enjoys singing and taking private voice lessons. She loves animals and caring for her bunny, Sylvie, and the family Goldendoodle, Mickey. She likes to read, play outside, do her schoolwork in the sun, and do Taekwondo.

Sadie is 12 and enjoys playing ukulele and piano, playing soccer, riding her rip stick, playing outside in creeks, and braiding hair.

Nathan is 8 and likes to get dirty playing outside, read books, play with Legos, eat Mac n cheese, do Taekwondo and make people laugh.

Titus and all of his siblings who support him every day are our heroes!

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